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Artur Davis’ story proves that a child from a single parent home, born in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Montgomery, can live the promise of the American Dream. Born in 1967 in the West End of Montgomery, Artur thrived in Montgomery’s traditional public schools, winning academic awards at every level. After gaining admission to Harvard College, where he graduated with high honors, Artur became the second African American to win the Law School’s renowned oral advocacy competition.

Instead of following so many of his classmates to Wall Street or K Street, Artur returned to Montgomery to clerk for one of the most outstanding federal judges in America, the Honorable Myron Thompson. A year later, he joined the United States Attorney’s office based in Montgomery, where he compiled a near 100 percent conviction rate and forged a reputation as one of the best young litigators in the state.

Artur’s commitment to public service led to his first run for Congress in 2000. He lost that race, but two years later, in one of the biggest upsets in modern Alabama politics, he defeated a five-term incumbent to became, at age 35, the 7th District’s voice in Washington. The next seven years established the young congressman as a force for bipartisan results that affected lives: in 2008, a national magazine ranked him as one of the Ten Best Members of Congress.

In 2010, Artur’s bid to become the first black Governor of Alabama failed. But his path-breaking campaign remains notable for the boldness of its vision: tax relief for working class Alabamians, an end to the state’s tax on groceries, major ethics reform, a modern constitution.

In the ten years that have followed his public service, Artur Davis has continued to prove that a skinny kid with glasses from the West End can excel. He has served on the board of directors of a major shipbuilding company and a volunteer service organization founded by the late President George H.W. Bush, and run the state of Alabama’s legal aid program, where he adopted initiatives to restore the voting rights of ex-offenders and expanded legal services to veterans.

Tara Davis
I’m Tara Davis, a military kid turned Montgomerian. Thank you for visiting my page and for taking the time to learn more about my husband’s plans to make Montgomery a better, safer, fairer city.

I discovered Montgomery as a college student at Alabama State University. Little did I know that this city would end up changing my life.

After I graduated, I decided to stay and to get active in the community. In my work life and my volunteer life, I have advocated for victims of domestic violence, abused and neglected children, those suffering from HIV/AIDS, underserved rural Alabamians, and homeless people. In doing so, I have been blessed and humbled to see the strength and dignity of people who are struggling, and their character has always inspired me to do better.

In late 2006, at a celebration of the Tuskegee Airmen, I met this guy who had made a name for himself in politics as a young congressman. He was shyer in person than he seemed to be on TV but didn’t give up when I turned down his request for a date by telling him I was busy for the next month. Artur and I became a couple and married two years to the day I finally gave him that first date. We just celebrated our tenth anniversary.

I leave the politics to him, but I know that his return to Montgomery five years ago has reminded him of why he chose public service, and frankly, when I hear him talk about his dreams for Montgomery, I am reminded of the compassion and commitment to lifting people up that helped me choose him as my life partner. I hope you will consider him as you think about the city’s future!

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