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Why I’m Running for Mayor

“I believe in this city because I know what Montgomery can do when we put our mind to a challenge. If this community can launch a civil rights movement that revived America’s soul, if we can build the first memorial shrine to the victims of race-based violence, don’t tell me we can’t remake this city into a national and regional role model. We can create a public-school system where all, not just some of our children, can thrive if they work hard. We can breathe life back into the neighborhoods that our politicians forget about when the elections are over. We can make Montgomery a leader when it comes to recruiting 21st century, high-wage jobs. And we can be tough and smart in the way we fight back against crime, without losing our sense of fairness and justice.

With your help, I know I can make a difference as Montgomery’s Mayor. I know how to lead, I know how to fight for people and neighborhoods who need a champion, and I know what it means to not give up. Let’s make Montgomery the South’s Next Great City!”

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